We released a test build 1.1.1 RC, there are many improvements and optimizations have significantly tightened performance and reduced resource consumption, wishing to test, distributions available under the link https://update.sheep.chat/desktop/178/ Steam build is available in beta channel updates (what would it go, turn the channel updates on the beta in the properties of the product).

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For all who want to support the project, and now you can do it!
Upon reaching the first target we will be able to remove the limit on the Yandex voices.
Upon reaching the second target all users who will support us on Patrone we will prepare a special bonus in the chat.
Also, all users who support us Patrone can vote for their innovations in the chat.

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Build v1.1.0-rc.27
Download https://github.com/sheepchat/desktop/releases

List of changes:
- Fixed system of smileys
- Added the ability to specify the padding between the messages in game mode
- Fixes in the configure transformation game modes
- Added flag aero_ignore
- Background removal when opening the settings window
- Changes in the Periscope, GoodGame, Twitch, VK
- Fix to work with the cache and cookies
- Fix the notification system and to operate the tray
- Fix the persistence of indicators settings services
- Fix the jerking/blinking messages in rare cases
- Fix loading of settings when you start the chat, in rare cases, the program hangs
- Bugfix in the stickers
- Bugfix in the work of the chat widget
- Support service Dlive
- Support service QIWI Donate
- Added the ability to disable all lights in the main mode and the main mode widget
- Added a new theme for the main window for the widget and main mode /addon/polyfill.jsColorize, with a choice of any color solutions
- Added ability to select a blend mode for the background in the main window
- Added quota warning when choosing free of votes from Yandex
- Improved logs, now in rare cases, the operation of the I/o does not slow down the operation of the chat
- Many cosmetic improvements in the main chat
- Update Steam SDK to the latest version

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Certainly not a designer, but allows to pick colors for every taste. A new build will be available during the week, there are many improvements, optimizations, fixes and new customizable topic - Colorize.

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