Conducted a survey of users who had/have problems with the HTTP server, the patch and the patch did not help, and those who have a problem with "lost Internet".
One of the problems is not observed, please do not participate in the survey.

Whether you have VMware
Yes, VMware Workstation is installed
On 9 votes
Yes, installed VMware Player (Free)
1 votes
Yes (write in comments)
4 votes
No, nothing from VMware is not installed
61 votes
Voted 75 people
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Survey for users,..." data-lang="en">
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We have a channel for those who want first to test changes and new features. The channel will publish a task on the testing of new functionality, which is not yet in the public version.

An invitation to the channel

Now testing the updated chat widget, which altered the implementation of messaging, fixed 2 bugs and improved work with cache.

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We have a channel for those wishing to..." data-lang="en">
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The patch fixes a bug with the http server, if you have them all in order, you do not need to install this patch.

Download link!QMkliTKS!Cp1gBKK7oof1q5nzBIVauIxWVxF58qNtvrysawfszcg

The file you want to copy with replacement in the folder C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\sheepchat\app-0.9.5\resources if you have installed using the installer, or the root\resources if you have a portable (zip) version.

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The patch fixes a bug with http..." data-lang="en">
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Streaming Protocol YouTube updated to version 6, restart the chat that he'd downloaded the latest version of the Protocol. Minor fixes and improvements.

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Streaming Protocol YouTube updated..." data-lang="en">
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