Build 0.9.3 RC


List of changes:
  1. [Innovation, Improvement] Sound notification
  2. [Innovation] Improved login window
  3. [Rejected, the Bug is Not confirmed] the Number of viewers on Twitch channel
  4. [Bug] hide pictures in the chat (Linux)
  5. [Innovation] Support stream services and
  6. [Bug] Followers Twitch channel
  7. [Innovation] Support stream service Peka2TV
  8. [Improvement] Update Protocol service
  9. [Confirmed Bug] Preview links
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Build 0.9.3 RC" data-lang="en">
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If you have the desire to postrimit Vkontakte on its new streaming platform, specify in connection settings a complete reference video stream, chat recognizes where and what ID your broadcast. (Starting from the build 0.9.2 RC)

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Build 0.9.2 RC


List of changes:
  1. [Verified Bug] Sometimes shows no new subscribers in the chat on goodgame
  2. [Confirmed Bug] Not working notifications about new followers on twitch
  3. [Rejected Bug] Fix option to disable hats sheepChat
  4. [Improvement Premium] Revision chat support for premium users
  5. [The bug is Not confirmed On the test] Refine capture smiles with GoodGame
  6. [Bug] Upgrade Protocol service
  7. [Innovation] Support streaming platform Vkontakte
  8. [Innovation] Disable link preview
  9. [Bug] hotkeys don't work
  10. [Bug] Saving position of the chat window on the non-primary screen
  11. [Innovation] New menu themes
  12. [Innovation] New design theme "Modern" to the main window
  13. [Bug] Upgrade Protocol service
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Build 0.9.2 RC" data-lang="en">
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New in build 0.9.2

List of changes:

Support streaming platform Vkontakte
New theme "Modern" to the main window
New menu themes

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Premium account support for the development


Dear participants of the project who have supported the development, you can get a premium account if the amount of donations was equal to or greater than 350 rubles.
* If the amount was less, you can pay the remaining amount to 350, and get premium account.
* If the donation was more than 350 rubles, you pay, you get a few licenses. Each license costs 350 rubles.

Email us at your account ID, Email (this can be found in your account on the website, the exact date, time, donation amount and method of payment. After we will verify the information, premium account is activated.

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