Conduct a poll to support any of the services you expect in sheepChat, write in comments the names, links platform.

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Dear users! At the moment is an attempt of raider seizure of the company "MAROSNET". In the data center our server is located. Backups done, waiting for what happens next, will share the news.
Upd. Managed to reach agreement on the inclusion of the power supply.

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Attention those who wish to convert their premium license on Steam. You need to write us in the message of the community the request for conversion to Steam and attach your ID, E-mail, and oAuth key. Applications will be processed up to 2 weeks.

Applications are accepted from those who have purchased premium on the site until 31 December 2018 who purchase after this date will not be able to convert your license to a Steam key.

Pay again attention to the fact that the Steam version is still missing premium and Yandex voice, but that are installed on your PC (only Windows OS), as well as the fact that the process is irreversible, the premium on the website will be deactivated, and instead will be issued a key to activate on Steam. To open the apps on the website and in Steam nothing (meaningful) not different, except for notes specified above.

We will continue to develop the website and sell through it in the future will be developed the integration of our website and Steam infrastructure.

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