Dear users who may have a problem with the "eternal loading settings" when starting the chat (in the new build v1.1.0-rc.12)if you are willing to give us remote access via TeamViewer, please contact us in messages to the community. This will help us quickly fix this bug and release a new build.
#Upd. With the problem figured out today, tomorrow will release a patch.

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Fixed support Periscope, now we wait for GoodGame will finish your new chat (currently on the site is their live chat) that would update their chat with us. New build with fixes is scheduled for tomorrow (25.03.2019)

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Conduct a poll to support any of the services you expect in sheepChat, write in comments the names, links platform.

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Dear users! At the moment is an attempt of raider seizure of the company "MAROSNET". In the data center our server is located. Backups done, waiting for what happens next, will share the news.
Upd. Managed to reach agreement on the inclusion of the power supply.

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