Assembly sheepChat 0.5.1

List of changes:
  1. [Bug Revision] changes in the service
  2. [Rejected Bug] Fixes to the template the main window
  3. [Bugfix] Reassign hot keys Ctrl+R and Ctrl+U Ctrl+Alt+R and Ctrl+Alt+U
  4. [Bug] Fix Ivona voice engine
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Assembly sheepChat 0.5.1" data-lang="en">
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Assembly sheepChat 0.5.0

List of changes:
  1. [Innovation is] the New voice engine Acapela
  2. [Improvement] Improved warning system new version of the chat
  3. [Innovation] Auto update program
  4. [Confirmed Bug Revision] In rare cases, spontaneously deletes all messages in game mode
  5. [Confirmed Bug] Problem with hyphenation in some templates
  6. [Revision] add the ability to separately disable the output caps for web and game modes
  7. [Innovation] Public usage statistics chat on our website
  8. [Improvement] Update libraries to current versions
  9. [Innovation] Add support for smileys with
  10. [Improvement] displays the status of the channel next to the icon of the connected chat
  11. [Innovation] Auto fit image of the background under the main chat window
  12. [Innovation, Improvement] New voice engine Yandex SpeechKit
  13. [Innovation] Support service
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Assembly sheepChat 0.5.0" data-lang="en">
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Assembly sheepChat 0.4.7


List of changes:
  1. Links to the community
  2. Installation packages
  3. Unavailable options adjust the transparency of the main window
  4. Changes in the VK Topic
  5. A correction to the speech synthesis
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