Server is undergoing scheduled maintenance, in this regard, the speech synthesis may be unavailable or not work properly.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Server is undergoing scheduled..." data-lang="en">
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Attention! Our servers not available at this time, the reasons we explain, the problem with the provider, in the reviews many have started to complain the expected news from the service provider. While the server is unavailable, you may experience problems with chat, please do not write angry comments about this.

UPD. There was a technical failure on the switching equipment. To correct the problem, work will be performed at 01:00 details

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Attention! Our servers at the moment..." data-lang="en">
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Reduced the playback speed of the speech synthesis.
Fixes to the work of the chat widget to output to the stream.
On the page added utilization statistics to speech synthesis

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Reduced playback speed..." data-lang="en">
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Premium voices have earned in a regular mode that would work in chat, you should reset it, write a review, who will check (working/not working, fast/slow).

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Premium voices have earned in a regular..." data-lang="en">
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