Assembly sheepChat 0.4.7


List of changes:
  1. Links to the community
  2. Installation packages
  3. Unavailable options adjust the transparency of the main window
  4. Changes in the VK Topic
  5. A correction to the speech synthesis
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Assembly sheepChat 0.4.6


List of changes:
  1. Option to disable colored nicknames and icons
  2. The ability to disable revoting in polls
  3. Revision parser smiles
  4. Finalization of the white list in the settings of the synthesis
  5. To block all messages
  6. White list
  7. Round off decimal to two decimal places in the voting
  8. Support streaming
  9. Support for avatars and icons with YouTube channels
  10. Support{channel} links
  11. Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
  12. Error: read ECONNRESET
  13. Error: connect EHOSTUNREACH
  14. Error: self signed certificate in certificate chain
  15. Error: socket hang up
  16. The prefix to the nick with the name of the channel
  17. Leave the last message if you have enabled the auto-hide timer
  18. Support for animated (gif) pictures in chat
  19. Revision of the CS:GO, SC2, LOL
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