Updating my Twitch Protocol, restart the chat, to install it, then make sure you have a "Protocol Version Twitch: v2".

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Updating my Twitch Protocol..." data-lang="en">
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Thanks to those people who didn't turn off sending error, we will release today or tomorrow a build with bug fixes. For 3 hours the updated Protocol will Twitch when it happens we will write to our group, you will need to restart the chat and it will download automatically the current version, the details will be in the next story.

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Thanks to those people who didn't turn off..." data-lang="en">
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Download the newest build 0.9.5 RC https://sheep.chat/download/
The list of changes https://sheep.chat/todo/#id=42

Auto-update doesn't work, you need to download the desired distro and install manually.

Attention to those who have added an entry to the hosts file, it must be removed, it is no longer necessary, to restore access to speech synthesis from Yandex use the proxy settings under Connection.

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Download the newest build 0.9.5 RC..." data-lang="en">
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Dear users, as we reported earlier, will now be done the technical work to update, at this time our website and the chat will not work.

The operation of the service will be suspended in 01.08.2017 23:45 GMT. The date and time of resumption of service will confirm later (will be about 3 hours).

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Dear users, as we..." data-lang="en">
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There were technical problems on one of new servers in connection with which, the update is delayed one day.

Estimated time of update 01.08.2017 05:00 (Tuesday morning) to 01.08.2017 15:00 (day Veronica).

At this time, the site and chat will be available before and after the start of the updates we will publish the corresponding news about this in our group.

The screenshots showcase some of the key changes (to a new release, something else may change).

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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There were technical problems..." data-lang="en">
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