Dear users sheepChat!
We go on STEAM, in this regard, we announce a COMPETITION:

🔔 Need a 1-3 minute video about chat, its functions, buns, etc.
The roller should be:
✔ Dynamic
✔ Bright
✔ Not boring
✔ And most importantly, the video must be in English(this is important).

🎁 The prize will be a premium if you do not have and individual theme for chat of any complexity according to your choice. The design will be discussed with the winner.

📭 Submissions will be accepted until October 16.
To participate upload your videos on YouTube, link in comments.

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Dear users! Who has the desire to participate in the collection, we have extended the end date for another day.
For support, we have already begun to distribute early access to new versions of the chat.
All the details of the fundraiser can be viewed at the link

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Until the completion of the remaining charges just 3 days. Those who have supported us (from 150 rubles), today will get early access to new versions of the chat.

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Decided to make a survey that would predict the success fees.
The survey is anonymous.

Take part in the training camp?
Yes, as soon as financially able
67 votes
No, I have no way to support
66 votes
No, I have no desire to support
On 15 votes
Voted 148 person
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Started to upload latest information of our group for insiders

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