Assembly sheepChat 0.4.6


List of changes:
  1. Option to disable colored nicknames and icons
  2. The ability to disable revoting in polls
  3. Revision parser smiles
  4. Finalization of the white list in the settings of the synthesis
  5. To block all messages
  6. White list
  7. Round off decimal to two decimal places in the voting
  8. Support streaming
  9. Support for avatars and icons with YouTube channels
  10. Support{channel} links
  11. Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
  12. Error: read ECONNRESET
  13. Error: connect EHOSTUNREACH
  14. Error: self signed certificate in certificate chain
  15. Error: socket hang up
  16. The prefix to the nick with the name of the channel
  17. Leave the last message if you have enabled the auto-hide timer
  18. Support for animated (gif) pictures in chat
  19. Revision of the CS:GO, SC2, LOL
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Assembly sheepChat 0.4.4


List of changes:
  1. [Bugfix] In rare cases, not picked up messages from Twitch
  2. [Bugfix] Incorrect display of the game modes
  3. [Fix] Error "getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND" when coming out of sleep/hibernation mode
  4. [Bugfix] Incorrect work alerts on entry/exit of users in chat
  5. The update used in the library program and resources to the newest versions
  6. [Bugfix] don't compress images and displays an error for a specific link
  7. Theme DOTA 2 game modes
  8. [Bugfix] Incorrect operation of the web version of the game mode, if you open multiple instances
  9. The effects of appearance and hiding of messages in game mode
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Assembly sheepChat 0.4.3


List of changes:
  1. Transparent theme for the game mode
  2. Notification of new subscribers in the chat (Twitch, GoodGame)
  3. Notice he new katowicach (triggered when someone enters the chat)
  4. The option to save window size
  5. Notification about new chat version
  6. Notice the connection to the channel
  7. Test functions chat
  8. Option to disable output of the images in chat
  9. Support service
  10. Image compression using utilities
  11. Controls the maximum number of lines in the message (game mode)
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New build sheepChat v0.4.2


List of changes:
  1. Trim the message at the bottom of the chat (game mode), if the messages do not fit the height of the layout (Xsplit, OBS)
  2. Ignore list
  3. In rare cases, you cannot see the emoticons from Twitch
  4. Image compression using the service
  5. Option window transparency
  6. Option to disable mouse interactions with a window
  7. Option to disable flags ignore-gpu-blacklist, enable-gpu-rasterization, impl-side-painting
  8. Support service
  9. Finalization of YouTube, support is not direct references to channels (/channel/ - /user/)
  10. Option to disable force position on top of other Windows
  11. Option to disable anti flood
  12. BetterTTV smilies -
  13. Auto-hide message timer
  14. Option to disable informational messages (successfully connected to ... etc.)
  15. No case sensitivity in the name of the Twitch channel
  16. Setting font size
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New build sheepChat v0.4.1


List of changes:

- Added ignore list to settings window, but not yet fulfilling its function, will be added in next build
- Bug wings YouTube channels
- Button "reset" in the settings section of the transformation game modes
- Added viewport meta tag in the web version of the game mode, what would the chat area size adjusted to the screens of mobile devices
- Indication of connection error in the web version of the game mode and auto recconect
- When you click on a conversation header in the web version of the game mode, you can clear the messages in the chat
- Added the possibility to set the skin of the web version of the game mode via the hash tag in the link, a list of available skins available at the link port 49135 will be the one you specified in the settings of the http server
- Added support for HitBox service
- Skin League of Legends

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