Decided to make a survey that would predict the success fees.
The survey is anonymous.

Take part in the training camp?
Yes, as soon as financially able
65 votes
No, I have no way to support
63 votes
No, I have no desire to support
On 15 votes
Voted by 143 people
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Started to upload latest information of our group for insiders

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Still not released 1.1.0, but we are already planning what will be in 1.1.1
If the fundraising is successful, then the plans for the next Assembly, will be the ranking system that everyone is expecting.
Your financial support will allow us to focus much more time developing new features and implement your wishes. Thank you for support us!

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Hello dear users! Announcing the launch of fundraising for the development of a new version of chat, all written in detail on the page on this link

Don't forget to include your account ID in the comments to the payment.

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Soon the Periscope will be available in sheepChat

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