New build sheepChat v0.4.2


List of changes:
  1. Trim the message at the bottom of the chat (game mode), if the messages do not fit the height of the layout (Xsplit, OBS)
  2. Ignore list
  3. In rare cases, you cannot see the emoticons from Twitch
  4. Image compression using the service
  5. Option window transparency
  6. Option to disable mouse interactions with a window
  7. Option to disable flags ignore-gpu-blacklist, enable-gpu-rasterization, impl-side-painting
  8. Support service
  9. Finalization of YouTube, support is not direct references to channels (/channel/ - /user/)
  10. Option to disable force position on top of other Windows
  11. Option to disable anti flood
  12. BetterTTV smilies -
  13. Auto-hide message timer
  14. Option to disable informational messages (successfully connected to ... etc.)
  15. No case sensitivity in the name of the Twitch channel
  16. Setting font size
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Did not finish some tasks, the build will be roughly tonight, around 21 hours to see what has been done at the moment and what is left here

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Updated task list for 24.05.2016 05:49

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New build sheepChat v0.4.1


List of changes:

- Added ignore list to settings window, but not yet fulfilling its function, will be added in next build
- Bug wings YouTube channels
- Button "reset" in the settings section of the transformation game modes
- Added viewport meta tag in the web version of the game mode, what would the chat area size adjusted to the screens of mobile devices
- Indication of connection error in the web version of the game mode and auto recconect
- When you click on a conversation header in the web version of the game mode, you can clear the messages in the chat
- Added the possibility to set the skin of the web version of the game mode via the hash tag in the link, a list of available skins available at the link port 49135 will be the one you specified in the settings of the http server
- Added support for HitBox service
- Skin League of Legends

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