Dear users, became available test build of 0.9.6, you can download it at:

Attention! In this version of the chat a different location of the program settings, if you want to migrate settings from a previous version, copy the file settings.json
from C:\Users\{YOURNAME}\AppData\Roaming\sheepChat
in C:\Users\{YOURNAME}\AppData\Roaming\sheepChat-ng

As previously reported, we did not have time to transfer all the protocols over time we will add all of the remaining channels and the new (not yet supported at all). For this Assembly at the moment are supported: GoodGame, Peka2TV, Twitch, YouTube and VK Live.

Impressions from the new version
Are satisfied, remain in the test Assembly
31 votes
Not working, remain on the old version
22 votes
Voted by 53 people
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Information about the upcoming update.
The update will not be available in an auto-updating chat about the release of an update we will notify our group and blog on the official website. As previously reported, the planned date of update 05 Feb 2018, in the course of the day.

It will be a "test version", it can become unstable, with the current version (0.9.5 RC) will continue to work, it is considered the latest stable version (at least it is for many and not so).

The test version will be fixed the major bugs, is the lack of Internet (due to the fact that the chat takes up all the available ports in your system and does not release them, this happens immediately after switching on, and only a few hours, so chat can be used for a few hours, then restart it). The same will be redesigned widget output stream and the http server.

We don't have enough time to rewrite all the protocols (support channels) under the new kernel, so we're throwing a vote for the necessary channels, link to Google poll Over time we will add all of the remaining channels and the new (not yet supported at all).

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Attention! Our servers not available at this time, the reasons we explain, the problem with the provider, the expected news from the service provider. While the server is unavailable, you may experience problems with chat, please do not write angry comments about this.

UPD. Provider responded: the parent node has failed. Administrators have solved the problem.

UPD2. Problem solved, everything works normally.

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Dear user! We report that in the period from 29 Jan 20:20 until 29 January at 21:20 (Moscow time) will work on the software update servers.
During the works, a possible short periods of service unavailability. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Pre-released a new test version 5 Feb (during the day). In this case we leave the option to use the current version(0.9.5) of the chat for those who won't work new.

The main changes are a new version of the chat:
1) Fix chat operation which could lead to restriction of access to the Internet.
2) Processing of the widget for displaying chat on stream.
3) Update all protocols to connect to the channels.
4) Adding video instructions for the chat settings and its extra features.

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