Attention! Check the version of the chat if you can't go into it. At the moment the latest version 0.9.5 RC, you can download it from our website.

Rules for working with widgets:

The first thing you need to check that you have enabled Http server and its status in the status "Running" and then proceed to attempt to run the widget.

To work with widgets in OBS studio you need to click "Refresh case of current page" in this case, for conventional OBS have nothing to do. If not helped try to tick "Refresh browser when the scene becomes active".

To work with widgets in XSplit, you need to delete the folder from the "C:\Program Files\SplitmediaLabs\XSplit Broadcaster\cache" folder or wherever you installed XSplit, and then restart XSplit. Before doing this it is recommended to make the archive folder.

If not the above settings, try to turn on the switch "Long Polling" and re-copy the link to the widget so it will change.

The pictures show where to get the link on the widget and the basic settings of the server.

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!!! Attention! Check the version of the chat..." data-lang="en">
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Streaming YouTube Protocol upgraded to version 3, restart the chat that he'd downloaded the latest version of the Protocol. Fixed number of viewers.

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Streaming Protocol YouTube updated..." data-lang="en">
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Server is undergoing scheduled maintenance, in this regard, text-to-speech, widgets and possibly other functionality may be unavailable or not work properly.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Server is undergoing scheduled..." data-lang="en">
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Updating my Twitch Protocol, restart the chat, to install it, then make sure you have a "Protocol Version Twitch: v2".

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Updating my Twitch Protocol..." data-lang="en">
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Thanks to those people who didn't turn off sending error, we will release today or tomorrow a build with bug fixes. For 3 hours the updated Protocol will Twitch when it happens we will write to our group, you will need to restart the chat and it will download automatically the current version, the details will be in the next story.

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Thanks to those people who didn't turn off..." data-lang="en">
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