You can help the project financially by making a contribution to its development and support. Any help the project is a good step from your side, you become one of the sponsors of the project and have a direct impact on its further development.

In a footnote to the fee you can specify the url of your website your name or email. These data will be displayed on the honor Board, along with the donation amount. The list of those who supported the development, posted on the website and updated automatically. TOP sites sponsors are advertised on the main page on a regular basis.

To make a donation
To make a donation
To make a donation
Sberbank (card number)
Other ways to donate

You can donate in any convenient way for You, the only difference from the form above, information about the donation will be taken to the site immediately, because information is processed manually.


Those who have already supported the project!

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22.09.201812087; Build 1.1.0490
22.09.2018150; Build 1.1.0147
18.09.2018Build 1.1.0; Guys I hope you will succeed.149.25
16.09.2018Build 1.1.0; You guys are great! I hope that together like, we all still get to the new version.99.5
26.08.2018It would be in the "Subscriptions and notifications" to see not only Twitch and GoodGame but YouTube unblocker which is used not enough people.; Build 1.1.0490
25.08.2018My ID 2176. Thank you.; Build 1.1.0147
25.08.2018Here you have support! and I have premium ACC; Build 1.1.0147
25.07.2018Development support49.75
19.06.2018Development support49
09.06.2018Development support294
31.05.2018MpCMuT; Development support98
12.09.2016Thank you for the chat) chat Is the best which I have ever yuzal) I Wish you development)100
12.09.2016Thank you for the wonderful prog100 - antikafe in the world online streaming, the motto of which is “Your stream - Your universe!”.1000
07.07.2016from Eduarda Maracineanu250
24.06.2016Thanks added Kiwi.kz200
16.06.2016For an explanation with a vote =)150
13.06.2016 thank you for the chat :) keep up the spirit!252.49
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