Multi chat for Streamers

Simple, convenient and powerful cross-platform multichat is able to satisfy even the most demanding streamer. Able to read messages from most streamer resources and display information as you want.

Our goal is to become an indispensable tool for streamers!

Design, animation and fine-tuning

sheepChat contains only high-quality themes for different games and hobbies, and the ability to customize the look in detail will allow you to fit into the theme of your stream as much as possible.

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High-quality themes, subtle design settings and animations to choose from.

speech synthesis

Read real-time messages from chat and various alerts.

Large set of features

Can read messages from most streaming resources, including Twitch, GoodGame, YouTube, SC2TV (Funstream), CyberGame. Convert text to speech - chat messages, all kinds of notifications. Control the game from the chat - Your viewers will be able to play along with you.

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Output to stream

Chat can be easily broadcast using the built-in HTTP server.


Display of new subscribers and statistics directly in the chat.

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