Cloud premium voices available to all users for free, but with the restriction of individual voice phrases per day.


For users who purchased the program on Steam, the quota is 1500 messages per day.
For those who downloaded for free, 150 messages per day.

After you raise the limit, the voice-over will stop working, and the limit will be removed the next day. In the speech synthesis settings, you can see the exact time (in the format hours:minutes:seconds) before the quota is reset.

#Yandex voices

Yandex voices additional restrictions apply. At the moment, Yandex provides us with a limited number of voiced phrases per day, this limit is common for all users, regardless of the individual quota. If the total limit ends, the voice of Maxim will continue to sound. You can change your voice to another one in the speech synthesis settings that doesn't have the [Yandex] mark.

#Why quotas are needed

In short, to control the load on our servers, so that individuals do not overload our service with requests, thereby slowing down the speech synthesis of other users.


Please note that there are no restrictions for local voices (installed on your computer). you can read more about local voices in our knowledge base.

Local voices


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