#What is sheepChat

sheepChat - is a program that combines different streaming platforms into a single social chat, with an intuitive interface and many display settings. sheepChat is easy to learn, does not require additional knowledge to configure it, and also allows you to beautifully design any notification whether it is a regular message or a subscription or donation. Sweepstakes and voting together with remote game management will significantly increase the interaction with the audience.

#Key features

sheepChat - is a simple solution to complex problems. Every aspect sheepChat - is first of all the data, and it provides the following key features:

  • Support chat with YouTube (& Gaming), Twitch, Mixer, GoodGame, Peka2TV, SmashCast, VKontakte, OK Live, GipsyTeam, GamersTV, CyberGame, Mobcrush, Smashcast, StreamCube, Periscope, FaceBook, Steam Broadcast, DonationAlerts, DonatePay, TwichAlerts (StreamLabs ) (The list is constantly updated).
  • Possibility to combine into a single chat as many chats with one platform.
  • Alerts for Twitch, YouTube, GoodGame and others (The list is constantly updated).
  • An opportunity to leave a note in the chat directly during play time with just one click (In the chat there is a function saving text messages, or your notes).
  • Possibility to customize the system to alert subscribers, channel support and the latest developments with intuitive user interface.
  • The ability to select one of two modes for the tape drive (main and game), with their top run of the game window (only for games in the window display mode).
  • To conduct voting and drawings directly in the chat, which will increase the interactivity with the audience, and the ability to give viewers control your game (keystrokes, scripts).
  • A varied selection of templates are constantly supplemented.
  • Possibility to convert text to speech, and display it on your chosen device so as not to distract you from the game to chat reading.

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