Voice must be installed on your PC, chat can only use what is installed on your system. The chat does not have built the local vote, but we provide free cloud premium voices, these voices are installed on our servers.

#General concepts

Local voices - voices is installed on your laptop. Chat supports speech synthesizer kits on the engine, SAPI5, the version below is not supported. This functionality is only available to paid version, purchased on Steam. Local voices are only available for OS family of Windows, you may want to install on your PC any voice to your liking and use it in the chat.

#How to install

You can find and download the voice on the Internet for "Voice SAPI5". Key vendors and developers of votes: Acapela Group, Neospeech, Ivona, Loquendo, RHVoice and UkrVox. After installing the new voice, then restart the program, and then, if you did everything correctly installed voice will appear in the speech synthesis settings.

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